We have some exciting news. Over the past semester, the NUSMods team has been working with the NUS Registrar’s Office (RO) and NUS Information Technology (NUSIT) to move from public data sources like CORS and IVLE to internal data sources. NUSMods’ data is now more accurate than ever before!

What this means for you

  1. Module and timetable information will be more accurate and reliable. NUSMods will sync with NUS internal data sources daily, ensuring what you see is always up to date.
  2. Modules now contain more information such as whether they are S/U-able, SkillsFuture funded, lab-based or independent-study modules.
  3. Data for the whole academic year will now be available at the start of the academic year. You can now plan your timetable for the whole year before school even starts!
  4. NUS RO and NUS faculty websites will link to NUSMods. NUSMods will serve as the course catalogue, module search and timetable builder for NUS.
  5. Removal of CORS bidding data. As CORS will be replaced by ModReg starting in AY18/19 Special Term I, we have removed historical CORS bidding data as they will no longer be relevant.
  6. (Only relevant for developers): The new data has required us to transition to a new API available at https://api.nusmods.com/v2/. This API contains almost all the data that we get from NUS, please check it out!

If you notice any discrepancies with other NUS websites or if you see any missing modules/data, please email us at modules@nusmods.com and we will work with RO to resolve them.

Why is this necessary?

NUS is transitioning to the new LumiNUS and ModReg systems and deprecating IVLE and CORS. This means that the public data sources NUSMods has depended on will disappear and NUSMods would have to shut down. Our data has to come from somewhere! Thankfully, the RO and NUSIT have been extremely supportive, and they reached out to us to give us access to their data and time to transition over to these new data sources.

Moving forward

As you have seen, there is a lot of work being done on NUSMods, which is currently being maintained by just two full-time students and two alumni. Our work impacts all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as staff members in NUS.

We’re looking for new team members who can help develop NUSMods, as well as help with hiring, marketing or anything else that will help the wider school community. As an independent organization, nobody gets paid, but you’ll have the satisfaction of improving the lives of just about everyone in NUS.

If you’d like to be part of our amazing team and make a direct impact on your friends and the wider school community, please reach out to us on our Telegram group!


Does this mean NUSMods is now part of the university?

No. We are still an independent group that is looking for more contributors!

The module data looks weird / is wrong!

Contact us at modules@nusmods.com with details about the wrong information.

What’s happening to the old NUSMods API?

If you have any projects or code that consumes our original API, please update as soon as possible to use https://api.nusmods.com/v2/, as the old API is deprecated as of today and will not return data beyond AY18/19.

Did you guys change your logo again?

Yes. Thanks to Jiho for designing our new awesome logo!

I have no questions.