NUSMods has been an incredibly useful platform for NUS students, providing a user-friendly interface for planning their timetables and searching through the available modules. However, it does more than just that! Here are some of the lesser known features in NUSMods that can make you even more productive!

Lesson Theme Colors and Dark Mode

One of the most popular features of NUSMods is the colorful timetable lesson slots, as it gives colour to one’s school life (literally). Do you know that there are a grand total of 32 different color themes for these lesson slots? They can be accessed via the Preferences page or simply pressing the and arrow keys to switch between themes. My personal favourites are the Mocha, Monokai and Ocean themes. There is even an NUSWhispers theme if you can’t get enough of it (;

Additionally, Dark mode is also available and can be activated by pressing X. We find that dark mode is easier on the eyes and can be a little more battery-saving. Check it out!

Dark Mode

CORS Bidding History

When bidding for modules, it may be a good idea to know how many points are required historically in order to obtain that module. One way to do this is to refer to the CORS Archives page where CORS displays bidding points for all modules each round in a semester. But we find it easier to see the history for one module at a time; it’s more common to compare the winning bid points for a particular module across rounds and semesters instead. And that’s exactly what we built. Simply go to any module page and scroll to the CORS Bidding History section. Read up more about how to utilize the CORS Bidding History here.

CORS Bidding History

Bookmark Modules

During the planning and bidding period, we may want keep a few modules in mind which we can use as back up modules in case we fail to obtain some modules. The bookmarking feature will come in handy in such situations. Simply click on the blue Bookmark button on the module page or the module finder page to add the module to your bookmarks. Your bookmarked modules can be accessed via the bookmark icon in the navigation bar beside the search field.

Venue Information and Availability

Sometimes it may be helpful to know what lessons are going on in a particular venue or to find empty venues to crash when you have a large block of free time. The Venues page will come in really handy here. With the Venue Lookup feature, you can retrieve a venue’s weekly occupancy timetable.

Venue Information

To find empty venues to crash, enter the desired day, start time and end time into the Venue Availability page and a list of available venues that are empty during the specified time period will be shown.

As programmers, we frequently use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the various interfaces in a computer. Hence, we also built that functionality into NUSMods! Press T to jump to the Timetable page, M to jump to the Module Finder page, V to jump to the Venues page, and many more! Full list of shortcuts can be found on the Help page.

We hope that you have found some of the above tips useful for increasing your productivity. All the best for the new academic year! (: